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SOOFIT 1 Pcs Pink 55-75 Kg Beginner / Light Level Pilates Fitness Exercise Band Resistance Rubber

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1 piece of exercise band and carrying box suitable for people between 55-75 kg in size m with pink starting-mild resistance level will be sent.
Length and diameter: 76 cm width: 8 cm
Its resistance is initial / light level,
It is cotton, does not sweat, does not break, does not cut,
It has nothing to do with normal pilates tires.
It gives the feeling of working with a weight of 5-10 kg.
It tightens the body in 3 weeks with regular use as it gives the feeling of working heavily.
With regular use for 3 weeks, it visibly tightens the hip-leg and removes the cellulite appearance.
It has been carefully designed with high-tech in Turkey by athletic trainers.
You will get faster tightening and results when using the band together with pilates, weight training, home exercises, leslie, chloe ting, p90x,
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