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SOOFIT 1 Piece Pink Pilates Fitness Exercise Hip Band Resistance Rubber for 40-60 Kg People

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1 piece Pink S will be sent with Resistance Rubber and a storage box suitable for people between 40-60 kg.
Low level of resistance,
It is cotton, does not sweat, does not break, does not cut,
It has nothing to do with normal pilates tires.
It gives the feeling of working with 30-40 kg weight.
It tightens the body in 3 weeks with regular use as it gives the feeling of working heavily.
In regular use for 3 weeks, it visibly tightens hips and legs and removes cellulite appearance.
3 year break has been carefully designed with high-tech guaranteed by sports trainers Turkey.
You will get faster tightening and results when using the band together with Pilates, weight training, home exercises, Leslie, Chloe Ting, P90X,
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